How To Use Hashtags for Fashion: Get Followers and Likes

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If you are sharing fashion posts the social media ROI you seek is going to be had by using several great hashtags with each of your fashion-related social media posts. We’ve found that when you aim to be discovered, to build your followers, and to see your posts shared, using the same one to two fashion hashtags with each post doesn’t do it. You will need to be quite strategic to earn your comments, likes and clicks on any URLs in your posts in social and content networks.

Start with best hashtags to get seen now for fashion, below. If you will continue to share fashion posts, begin by studying the hashtags just below, checking the engagement stats and then bookmarking hashtags that are not only topically relevant, but also have good stats for retweets and exposure. Bookmarked hashtags go to the bottom of the page, where you can add to and build a RiteTag Hashtag Set. Hashtag sets will be found here, in your RiteTag Dashboard.

Use these hashtags to get seen now

Besides your choices from the section just above, you should also aim to include fashion hashtags with less engagement numbers, but get your social posts seen more over a greater span of time. Using a long-life hashtag can get a post gradually seen for weeks or months, and for some audience types, even added years of engagement. Find those long-life scorers from the hashtags to get seen over time section you see just below. A combination of fashion hashtags from both the get seen now and also the get seen over time parts of this page tends to score highest in getting the most likes and followers. While the get seen now hashtags are most engaging right now, you should assume that a great many people will be using them. Your competition for getting found through the get seen now hashtags is thus quite high.

The get seen over time hashtags have been found to be likely to get a social post in front of the eyes of those who click on hashtags and those who search in social networks and content networks for posts with a given hashtag. Also, your get seen over time hashtags help your posts come up for the people who curate and republish posts from the hashtags that have been used on posts.

Use these hashtags to get seen over time

Putting hashtags for fashion to work for likes, followers and engagement

The overwhelming majority of the hashtags in the above sections of this page are wonderful for Pinterest, for Twitter, and even for LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc., but also useful for Instagram posts, too. A great Hashtag Set for Instagram that you would use when posting in social networks other than Instagram includes hashtags from the above two sections, but not include the Instagram suggestions.

It is wise to create a Hashtag Set with choices from:

  • good to get seen now hashtags for fashion
  • to get seen over time hashtags for fashion
  • some specific fashion hashtags (e.g. if you are a marketer who mainly sells shoes, for example, go niche, and include hashtags for the types of shoes you aim to share posts on, such as #wedges, #stilettos, #sandalfeet, #sexyboots, etc.).

It is also good to put together another Hashtag Set that would have your good only for Instagram hashtag selections but you would not use this Hashtag Set for anything but Instagram posts. We can expect that #instafashion, #shoesoftheday and #fashionlife will not be useful in Twitter, Pinterest, or anywhere but Instagram.

An Instagram post can take up to thirty hashtags, so you should plan to bookmark and save many hashtags for your Hashtag Sets for fashion.

Generate hashtags for photos of fashion items with our RiteTag Pro tool, using the RiteTag browser extension or the RiteTag mobile app as your quick but powerful solution for photo-specific hashtags. You will always be given a different selection of hashtags, not the same hashtags for all your fashion photos.

It is best practice to include hashtags as a comment on your Instagram posts instead of hitting your audience with a hashtag-bloated caption. Limit yourself to just one or two hashtags in the caption at the very most, and that’s if you use any hashtags at all in Instagram post captions. You will most likely see that the Instagram fashion accounts that you like and those that show the best growth and engagement are those that do not use hashtags in their post captions, or rarely do so.

If Instagram success is important for your business, for each of your Instagram Business Accounts that is active, order an Instagram Coach Report. These reports reveal what’s working (colors that score, the best times to post, the hashtags that you are already using that are getting best engagement, and similar intel). Instagram Coach Reports also point out hashtags that are good for your posts that you haven’t used and give you further actionable suggestions on what you can do differently to get better engagement. Each Instagram Coach Report is made specifically for the Instagram account that you order it for (and date-range), so these reports are actionable for you and the Instagram account’s specific audience. Our help page on why anyone who uses Instagram with any business objective would want to change a personal account to an Instagram Business Account is here.

For yet more ideas on putting RiteTag’s hashtag color grading to work for your businesses, see this help page. For the instant hashtag generation tool that instantly generates hashtags for each post, and is based on relevancy and also real-time engagement data, get RiteTag Pro. A single subscription to RiteTag Pro includes full site features and also the browser extension and mobile app.

Good only for Instagram

How to find more hashtags for fashion

Research topics and get your hashtags with the “Hashtags related to” explorer that you see below: the flip-around circle of hashtags just below. Click on a hashtag that is outside the center, then scroll up in this page to see your suggested hashtags change. The hashtags that are best for likes and followers are now related to the hashtag you clicked, and you will find more hashtags for your Hashtag Set for Fashion.

Saving hashtags is a breeze using the bookmark button you will see to the left of each hashtag in this page. Branch out to identifying more hashtags by searching in the explorer search field just above the circle of hashtags you see below. Fashion marketers should begin with their niche, and search in the below explorer’s search field to find hashtags from searches like leatherboots, sexysandals, or lashes, etc.

Hashtags related to #fashion

Click to collect hashtags here