Art Hashtags: How Art Accounts Can Grow Followers and Get More Likes

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If you are posting about art, the engagement results you seek are most likely to be won by using several hashtags on each social post. It will take more than using the same one or two art hashtags if your aim is to be discovered, to build your followers, and also to get social proof on what you are posting: comments, likes and of course, clicks on URLs in your posts.

Start with some of the best hashtags you see below: best hashtags to get seen now for art. If you will continue to share socially about art, peruse the hashtags below, see the engagement stats and bookmark hashtags that are relevant and show good figures for the real-time tested retweets and exposure, and you will begin to build a RiteTag Hashtag Set. Your hashtag sets will be saved in your RiteTag Dashboard, found here.

Use these hashtags to get seen now

Besides your choices from the section just above, you should also aim to include art hashtags that are getting somewhat less engagement, but will get your social posts seen more over a long period of time (this might be weeks or months of views and actions, sometimes even years of engagement).

Find your long-life winners from the hashtags to get seen over time section below. A mix of art hashtags from both the get seen now and also the get seen over time parts of this page tends to score highest in getting the most likes and followers. While the get seen now hashtags are most engaging right now, you should expect that many people will be using them. The competition for getting found through the get seen now hashtags is high. The get seen over time hashtags have been found to be quite likely to get a social post in front of the eyes of people who click hashtags, those who search in social or content networks for posts that include a hashtag, and also, those who curate and publish your posts based on the hashtags you’ve used used with social posts.

Use these hashtags to get seen over time

Putting hashtags for art to work for likes, followers and engagement

The bulk of the hashtags in the top two sections are great for Twitter, for Pinterest and for LinkedIn, and are also effective for Instagram as well. A wisely-chosen group of hashtags for social networks other than Instagram includes hashtags from the above sections and would exclude the Instagram recommendations, however.

It is smart to build a Hashtag Set that contains:

  • good to get seen now hashtags for art
  • to get seen over time hashtags for art
  • some specific art hashtags (e.g. if you are an artist who mainly does landscapes, #landscapelove, #landscapeart, #vistas, etc.).

It’s also prudent to formulate another Hashtag Set that would contain only your good only for Instagram hashtag selections. Naturally, neither #instaart nor #artoftheday will be useful in Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on, so your Instagram hashtags won’t be right elsewhere.

You can include up to thirty hashtags per Instagram post so you should aspire to bookmark and save a good volume of hashtags for your Hashtag Sets for art posts in Instagram.

Generate hashtags for photos with RiteTag Pro, using either the RiteTag browser extension or the mobile app as a fast solution for photo-specific hashtags. You will see that you always get a somewhat different group of hashtags rather than the same hashtags for all art photos.

It is best practice to include hashtags as a comment on your Instagram posts instead of overwhelming your viewers by loading the hashtags in the caption. Try to keep to 1~2 hashtags in the caption at most, if you use any hashtags at all in your captions. You will see that most of the Instagram art accounts that you admire most tend to not use hashtags in their post captions.

If Instagram success is important for your business or organization, you will want to order an Instagram Coach Report (for Instagram Business Accounts). These reports reveal what’s working (the colors, the best times to post, the most effective hashtags that you are already using, and similar insights). Instagram Coach Reports also identify the Instagram hashtags that would be right for your posts that you have not yet used and provide yet more actionable advice on what you can change for more engagement. Each individual Instagram Coach Report is generated specifically for the Instagram account that you order it for, so it is always quite actionable for the account’s specific audience. Learn why you should really consider changing an Instagram Personal Account to an Instagram Business Account here.

For even more ideas on putting RiteTag’s data-based color grading to work for your endeavors, please refer to our help page. For an instant hashtag generation tool that instantly generates hashtags for each post, and is based on relevancy and also real-time engagement data, rely on RiteTag Pro. A single subscription to RiteTag Pro includes full site features and also the browser extension and mobile app.

Good only for Instagram

How to find more hashtags for art

Dig deeper with the “Hashtags related to” explorer that you see below - the interactive circle of hashtags below. Click on a hashtag that is outside the center, then scroll up within this page. The hashtags best for likes and followers are now related to the hashtag you clicked, and you will probably find and want to add more to your Hashtag Set for Art. This is easy, using the bookmark button next to each hashtag in this page. You can search hashtags in the explorer search field just above the circle of hashtags you see below. Artists should begin with their niche, and search in the below explorer’s search field to find hashtags from searches like portraitart, modelart, landscapeart, etc.

Hashtags related to #art

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