How to Get Likes, Followers, Engagement From Top Music Hashtags

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Assuming your goal is to get your social posts on music in front of people who would like the music-related content you are offering, you will do best by including more than one hashtag with each of your social updates. We’ve seen that for discovery and to attract followers, and also to encourage social sharing of your posts, sticking with the same identical music hashtags on each social media post is not enough.

It is wise to use one or more niche topics and to be numbers-driven in your hashtag choices. We will discuss how to use the sections below, and their hashtags, and how to create Hashtag Sets from this page to earn and grow an audience and garner comments, likes and clicks on links in your posts to social and content networks.

First see the best hashtags to get seen now for music below. Look over the engagement numbers and bookmark hashtags that are topically relevant and also have good retweets and exposure numbers vs. a relatively low number for average number of Tweets/hour (the left side stat). Hashtags that you bookmark with the bookmark button to the far left of any hashtag are sent to the bottom of the page, the hashtag collector, where you will begin to build a RiteTag Hashtag Set. Your hashtag sets are here, in the RiteTag Dashboard you will always have available to you when logged in to the RiteTag site. Each user’s Hashtag Sets are private.

Use these hashtags to get seen now

In addition to the choices you make from the section above, if you find worthwhile ones (relevancy), include music hashtags that show far lower engagement numbers, but will get your social posts seen more over time: these are in the section just below, hashtags to get seen over time. Including a good get seen over time hashtags can stretch the lifetime (the time that a social post gets seen) of a social post from hours to weeks, often, and can even add months of views and engagement actions. In some cases, we have seen years of engagement within social and content networks on a social post with one or more relevant hashtags to get seen over time. This is because, while their retweets and exposure is low, it is relatively high in contrast with the average number of Tweets/hour for it’s core topic.

Choose such music-related hashtags for likes from the hashtags to get seen over time section of this page, right below. A combination of music hashtags from the get seen now and the get seen over time sections of this page will work best in attracting the most likes and followers for your music posts.

The get seen now music hashtags are most engaging at the present time, but as such, and since so many people research hashtags, you should assume that a great many folks will apply them to their social media posts. The competition for getting found with get seen now hashtags is quite high, thus. The get seen over time hashtags, however, are likely to place a social post before the eyes of those who click on hashtags, people who search in social for posts, and also, those who curate and republish posts based on hashtags used on posts.

Hashtags are what gets us in Search and Explore pages in Instagram, and affects what people see when they click a hashtag in Twitter, Tweetdeck, Youtube, etc. If the hashtag is in a great many posts, while many are searching or clicking it, there is little chance of your posts being found within the overwhelming din of so many posts with the hashtag. This is why we urge you to consider using choices from both the get seen now and also the get seen over time hashtag sections of this page, if you can find good choices in both.

Use these hashtags to get seen over time

Putting hashtags for music to work for likes, followers and engagement

Many of the hashtags for likes and followers on the topic of music in the top two sections of this page are quite good for Twitter, Pinterest, and also for LinkedIn etc., while also being useful on Instagram posts. On the other hand, a good second Hashtag Set that you would use when posting to social networks other than Instagram includes hashtags from the above two sections, but would not include the Instagram suggestions. It is good practice to assemble a Hashtag Set with picks from:

  • the good to get seen now hashtags for music you will find above
  • the to get seen over time music hashtags that you will find in the second section, above
  • One or more specific locations or musical niche hashtags (e.g. #shanghaimusic, #parisrockers, #thrashmetal, #vocaledm, #rnb, #hiphop, #indierocker, etc.)

It is also smart to make another Hashtag Set with your good only for Instagram hashtag picks, and perhaps also the location and musical niche hashtags. You will not be using this Hashtag Set for posting to social networks other than Instagram. We should safely assume that neither #rockersofinstagram, #parisgram, #rockfam, #songoftheday nor #indierockgram will be useful in Twitter, nor in Pinterest, etc.

Up to thirty hashtags may be applied to each Instagram post (hashtags in caption and/or comment(s), combined), so bookmark a good number of hashtags for building your Instagram Hashtag Set for music.

Generate hashtags for music posts with RiteTag Pro by using the RiteTag browser extension or the RiteTag mobile app as your solution for hashtags derived from visual features in your photographs. You will get a different range of hashtags from each photo, not than the same hashtag group that is provided by apps that ask you to provide a topic.

It is best to paste your hashtags as a comment on Instagram posts rather than giving your audience a text-heavy caption that is too hard to read due to the addition of several hashtags. Limit yourself to one or perhaps two hashtags in the caption - if you use any hashtags within your Instagram captions. Instagram music accounts that you admire and might aim to emulate will tend to be accounts that do not use hashtags in post captions, or rarely do so.

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From an Instagram Coach Report you learn:

  • the colors that are resonating with your audience
  • the best times of day to post, based on the engagement you have received/post
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Good only for Instagram

How to find more hashtags for music

Research and get to your best music hashtags by using the “Hashtags related to” explorer right below: circle of hashtags, which is interactive. Click any hashtag is outside the center of the sphere and then scroll up in the page to see your new suggested hashtags per section. The hashtags that are best for likes and for growing followers are now ones that are related to the hashtag you clicked, and you will find more hashtags for your Music Instagram Hashtag Set as well as your other social networks Hashtag Set for Music.

Saving hashtags is a snap when you hit the bookmark button that is just to the left of hashtags in this page. Identify more hashtags by manually searching in the explorer search field just above the circle of hashtags right below.

Musicians and music marketers should start off with their genre(s) or musical niches, and search in the below explorer’s search field to find hashtags from searches like hiphop, rapartist, indiemusician, bluesrock, etc.

Hashtags related to #music

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