How To Use Best Wedding Hashtags for Likes and Followers

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When promoting a wedding, wedding photography or wedding services, we recommend using a combination of hashtags in order to get discovered, to gain followers, and collect social proof on posts in the form of likes and link clicks.

Begin with the best hashtags to get seen now section for weddings, just below. If you will continually be sharing social posts on a wedding or a wedding-related business (wedding photography, for example) in general, you need to begin making choices from the hashtags right below. Hit the bookmark button to the left of each hashtag that is both relevant and also has high numbers in retweets and exposure relative to the left-side number, average Tweets/hour, to create and save a copy-paste-ready Hashtag Set. You’ll find your hashtag sets here, and they are editable, for when your social wedding promotion needs change.

Use these hashtags to get seen now

In addition to your choices from the above section, consider including hashtags that are currently getting less real-time engagement, but will get your social posts seen more over time. Find these from the hashtags to get seen over time section, below. A combination of these two engagement-based hashtag categories gets the most likes and followers. While the get seen now hashtags are hot at the moment, many people will be using them. The get seen over time hashtags are the ones that are most likely to get a social post discovered by people who click hashtags, search within social networks for posts containing a hashtag, and also curate and republish posts based on a hashtag in the post.

Also create a hashtag for a specific wedding, if you are sharing posts about a certain wedding, including names in the hashtag, such as #MrAndMrsSmith or #KaplanHallWedding, #MeetTheKaplans, etc. Especially for wedding or marriage-related posts, humor wins attention, likes, comments, and sharing, so get creative and funny with a final hashtag for likes, such as #MaryTookMikeOffTheMarket or #MatchMadeInBlevin, etc.

Use these hashtags to get seen over time

Putting hashtags for weddings to work for likes, followers and engagement

Many of the hashtags from the above two sections of this page are good for Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, and for Instagram as well. A set of hashtags for social networks other than Instagram should include hashtags from the above sections and exclude the Instagram recommendations.

We suggest that you create a Hashtag Set that includes:

  • your good to get seen now
  • your hashtags to get seen over time
  • your one or two specific wedding hashtags (e.g. including the wife and husband’s last or first names)

You may wish to create a second Hashtag Set containing good only for Instagram hashtags. Assume that #instaweddings won’t go over well in Twitter, so, a separate Hashtag Set just for Instagram is important to save.

Remember that up to thirty hashtags can be used with any Instagram post, so, we suggest that you add many hashtags to your Hashtag Set for any specific wedding.

Generate hashtags for your post’s images with either the RiteTag Pro browser extension or mobile app for your fastest solution to get your image-specific hashtags. They are real-time engagement-proven and always a different blend of hashtags, rather than a group of hashtags that are always the same. We also suggest that you use hashtags as a comment on an Instagram post rather than in the post’s caption. At most, 1~2 hashtags in the caption is best, or else it becomes hard to read.

Finally, if Instagram success means business to you or your company or organization, you will want to get an Instagram Coach Report for each of your Instagram Business Accounts from time to time, as it tells you what’s working (hashtags, colors, best times to post, etc.), and also identifies hashtags and tactics that would get you greater success - specifically for your Instagram account and audience. As for why you would want to go from a personal account to an Instagram Business Account, this is explained here.

For further information on RiteTag’s unique real-time data-based color grading and hashtag strategy, see this help page. For instant hashtag generation that provides the best hashtags for each individual photograph or text post, based on relevancy and also current effectiveness, get RiteTag Pro, which includes both the browser extension and the mobile app.

Good only for Instagram

How to find more hashtags for weddings

Make use of the Hashtags related to explorer below - the interactive circle of hashtags. Click on any hashtag outside the center and then scroll up to the top of the page. The hashtags best for likes and followers are now related to the hashtag you clicked, and you can find and add more to your RiteTag copy-paste Hashtag Set for Weddings with the bookmark button beside each hashtag.

You can also manually type and search hashtags in the explorer box. Think of topics that are close to the term ‘weddings’ or use your imagination, think of your wedding-related business niche and search manually in the field above the circle of hashtags below to find great hashtags for followers and likes from similar terms like justmarried, wedding, brides, etc.

Hashtags related to #wedding

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