Fitness Hashtags How To: Get those Likes and Followers

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When sharing social posts on the topic of fitness, we at RiteTag have found that not one single hashtag, but rather, a combination of hashtags is best for getting social posts discovered, earning followers, and gathering social proof: likes, shares, comments and link clicks.

Start with the best hashtags for get seen now for fitness. If you plan to share social posts on fitness, see the hashtags below and bookmark each hashtag that is relevant and has substantial numbers in retweets as well as exposure, and save them as a Hashtag Set. You will have your hashtag sets here, always editable.

Use these hashtags to get seen now

Be sure to consider a blend of hashtags to get seen now as well as those that are currently getting less engagement, but will get your social posts seen more over time, from the hashtags to get seen over time section, below. A group of selections from these two engagement-based hashtag categories will garner the most likes, comments and followers. You will want to create your own hashtag for any series of specific fitness posts, especially if you are sharing posts about a fitness campaign, event or social initiative. You can manually add this to a Hashtag Set or make a second set for your fitness-related campaign or project, etc.

Use these hashtags to get seen over time

Putting hashtags for fitness to work for likes, followers and engagement Many hashtags in the top two sections are also good for Instagram, so save selections from the top sections and the one below for Instagram. Remember that up to thirty hashtags can be used with any Instagram post, so, we suggest that you add many to your Hashtag Set for any fitness-related movement, event or fitness product campaign.

You will certainly want to also create another Hashtag Set that includes your good to get seen now, your hashtags to get seen over time, your one or two event or campaign fitness hashtags, but excludes the good only for Instagram hashtags in a second Hashtag Set, just for Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Generate hashtags instantly for your social post’s photos with the RiteTag Pro browser extension or mobile app, the solution to get photo-specific hashtags. The RiteTag web and mobile app delivers hashtags that are engagement-proven and since they are delivered after our software’s study of your photo, they will always be a somewhat different group of effective hashtags. This is always going to be better than the unchanging groups of hashtags that some apps provide. We recommend using hashtags as a comment on an Instagram post instead of in the caption. If you are to use hashtags in a caption, 1~2 hashtags is best, or else it becomes hard to read. You will see that fitness influencer Instagram Accounts tend to have no hashtags in captions or rarely include one or two.

Note that if Instagram success means business to you, order an Instagram Coach Report for your Instagram Business Account(s) periodically. It tells you what’s working (hashtags, colors, best times to post, etc.), and also identifies hashtags and tactics that would get you greater success - specifically for your Instagram account and audience. For very busy Instagram accounts, a monthly Instagram Coach Report will help you improve progressively. If you only post a couple times per week, order a report every three months or so. Learn why you’ll want to change your personal account to an Instagram Business Account here, if you have not already. For more information on the RiteTag exclusive real-time data-based color grading in your hashtag strategy, refer to this help page. For instant hashtag generation that delivers the very best hashtags for each individual photograph or text post, and is based on both relevance and effectiveness, sign up for RiteTag Pro (browser extension and mobile app included).

Good only for Instagram

Do not use these hashtags, very few people are following them

How to find more hashtags for fitness

Dig deeper with the “Hashtags related to” explorer below: the circle of hashtags that flips around when you click hashtags. Click a hashtag outside the centered hashtag, then scroll up to the top of the page. The hashtags best for likes and followers as well as those for getting seen over time and for Instagram only are now derived from data on the hashtag you’ve clicked. You can find and add to your RiteTag Hashtag Set for Fitness with the bookmark button next to hashtags. You can also manually enter hashtags in the explorer’s search field. Try topics related to fitness and discover hashtags for follower growth and getting likes from terms like training, motivation, fitnessjunkie, getstrong, workout and so on.

Hashtags related to #fitness

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