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#wordpress 512 171 1,995,617 56.25% 98.44% 7.42% View Stats
#socialmedia 1,092 529 34,692,771 23.26% 88.55% 25.18% View Stats
#growthhacking 175 183 1,264,679 30.86% 78.86% 4.57% View Stats
#marketing 2,088 666 19,421,788 40.13% 90.18% 16.57% View Stats
#twitter 767 379 15,274,121 36.9% 74.45% 21.12% View Stats
#blogging 242 41 1,359,654 46.28% 100% 11.98% View Stats

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#tutorial 25 33 412,379 0% 100% 16% View Stats
#support 71 83 396,121 29.58% 76.06% 11.27% View Stats
#infographic 92 129 1,343,075 35.87% 63.04% 13.04% View Stats
#newsletter 12 17 69,275 33.33% 100% 0% View Stats

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